Our second summer promotion

We’re ready to send our second summer promotion to our contact list.  Sign up at a market in Ashland, Medford or Grants Pass or by contacting us via the website contact tab to be on our contact list and watch for ways to save. 

Welcoming a new feed hopper



Everyone who works at Hensel Family Farms as well as the chickens and the Grange Coop delivery person are excited about this new grain hopper.  The production cycle is all about keeping our pastured poultry growing into a nutritious meal for you.  And then, our work includes telling our story: from brooder to pasture our chickens are treated like royalty.  We move them daily and manage the pasture to provide fresh grass.  We’re depending on our chickens to be the truest poultry you can find in the Rogue Valley.  Our products are True Food TM. 





Full farm production for Memorial Day BBQs

All of our equipment for raising pastured poultry and meat is in use including an updated watering system in case the temperatures soar again soon.  Hensel Family Farms is at full chicken and rabbit production.  Buy your Memorial Day BBQ poultry or meat and prepare your taste buds for freshness ~ these products will melt in your mouth.

More chicks arriving on Friday morning

With the bedding turned and the lighted hovers set in place the brooders are primed for 850 chicks. This new group of chicks will arrive on April 20th and in a little over 3 weeks they will be out on the pasture.  Earlier this week 825 chickens were taken out to 10 chicken pens.  The cycle continues with warmer weather and lush green fields.